Sunday, February 17, 2019

4 Months of Lucas Russell

I have decided I’m going to do a short blog post each month to document all the little things Lucas is doing. He’s changing so fast and I feel like I should try to document it somehow. “Try” being the key word here ha. Also, I’m already apologizing to my future second child because I will likely not have time to even think about doing this.

First of all, I cannot believe our baby is FOUR months old…. I told Austin I am going to have a hard time when he’s 6 months old because he will be halfway to a year and I am just not ready for that. I say that and yet, I am also excited to witness each new stage he goes through.


  • He found his toes this month. Its one of the cutest things to see him smile and roll around with a tight grip on his feet or socks – I can barely keep socks on him anymore!
  • He is obsessed with his hands and especially now that he can grab toys, blankets, or hair more easily.
  • Our little muffin ROLLED OVER! I just stared at him in disbelief when it happened for the first time. I don’t think he knew what to think either. He rolled from tummy to back first and the next day rolled from back to tummy. He usually gets mad afterwards because he still gets one arm pinned underneath him occasionally.
  • Also, he SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT 3 nights in a row the last few days. This was after several weeks of being up every couple hours through the night. My body is like “whaaaaaat is happening right now?”
  • Our little baby bird tried cereal for the first time this past week. He refused the bottle and preferred the big boy spoon and bowl. It takes forever though and we tried a different bottle – much to our surprise he prefers the 99 cent plastic bottle over the nicer glass ones I registered for. He still prefers his milk on tap though and fights the bottle. Yesterday, he drank most of the bottle (left about an ounce – he’s definitely my kid…) and wanted to nurse. Did I also mention he’s a little stinker?

What Has Lucas Been Up To?

  • He went on his first family vacation to Kentucky to be the ring bearer in his Uncle Peter’s wedding.
  • On November 11th, he was baptized at First Presbyterian Church in Sullivan by Pastor Ron Koppleman. Our church family there welcomed him with so much love. His godparents are his Uncle Jake and second cousin Katie. His Uncle Sam and Uncle Mike were also a very special part of his baptism service and each did a scripture reading.
  • He had his second play date with his friend Selena Dolvin
  • He had his First Thanksgiving and slept through the whole meal.

How Much Does Lucas Weigh?

He weighed in at 12 pounds on the dot a couple nights ago! I am pretty proud of that being that he has been strictly breastfed until this past week when we added in a little cereal.


Our main challenge this month, has been the sleep schedule or lack there of. We had to let him “cry it out” a couple nights ago for the first time and it was probably more tough on us than on him. Though he made it seem like we were torturing him, I assure you that is not the case. It took a lot of willpower not to run and cuddle him – that and maybe his daddy holding me back ha. Team work!

Lucas also likes to hold on to his burps which consequently cause frequent tummy aches. We are so thankful for our essential oils and the tummy massage that our chiropractor has taught us – it really does wonders! I also really hope that he does not have my sensitive stomach. If he does, I guess he’s lucky that his mama is well trained in what to do.

How’s Mom & Dad?

We are good, though if he keeps sleeping through the night, I suspect we will be reeeeeally good. Even after only three nights, we feel more alive. Mom has been a little cranky after the three weeks of being up all night and Dad has been oh so patient.

All in all, everything is going well here and despite the challenges, we are loving this new parenting life. We couldn’t be more grateful! Is this real life? Someone pinch me!

Lucas Loves…

  • long walks anywhere…..he doesn’t care, he just wants to be up and moving!
  • his hands! He likes to show them off and has decided he likes sucking his thumb. It is oh so adorable, but might be a challenge to break in the future.
  • BATH TIME! He absolutely loves his bath and we have to put his tub in our tub because he splashes all the water out. Its one of our favorite times of the day too. It seems like no matter how crabby he is beforehand, we put him in the bath and he is all smiles.
  • Eldon (his elephant with binky attached) from our friends Doug and Leslie, soccer ball from our friends Mary and Gary, and his teething ring from Great Aunt Beth.
  • laughing – he has a couple good belly laughs, but otherwise it comes out as an adorable screech of delight.
  • story time – his current favorite is On The Night You Were Born…given to him by our friends Sally Jo and Zenus.

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