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Lucas Russell Plummer – Birth Story

Gosh it has been so long since I have written anything. It feels good to be back. We’ll see how far I get before baby boy decides he needs mama!

This past year has been so surreal, full of joy, and a lot of chaos too. I will document all of that when I can make sense of it in my sleep-deprived mama brain.

Lucas Russell Plummer decided to come into the world quickly and early on July 25th at 2:02pm. He was 6 pounds 11 ounces of perfection. His middle name is after his Grandpa Plummer and his Uncle Mike came up with Lucas. I have always loved the name Luke so he goes by Luke for short.

He was about a week and a half early and this mama was totally okay with that! I was so ready.

I cooked bulgogi burgers the night before and Austin and I played a couple rounds of gin (I won in case you’re wondering – ha!). We sat there laughing over our weirdness and how we’re so “old”. We joked that it was inevitable that we would embarrass our son on more than one occasion over the years.

I had missed my workout that day, so at 9:00pm I decided to force myself to do something at least. I felt so big and uncomfortable….but pushed through a full body prenatal workout. Exercise and staying active was the only thing that kept discomfort to a minimum throughout my pregnancy. I texted one of my sweet mama friends and joked that Lucas loved his snuggly womb too much and that it seemed he would never arrive. Just to show you how impatient I am…..this was still a week and a half before my due date!

I tried my hardest to stay in the moment the last few weeks of the pregnancy because I wanted to appreciate that time too, but goodness was I ready to be a mama. We were both just ready to meet our boy and cuddle him. We wanted to see what features he had from each of us and what his personality was like. 

He was rather quiet that night so I tapped and rubbed my belly as was our bedtime ritual. He tapped back to me as usual. This was one of the most special parts of my pregnancy. He would almost always respond back to me and kick back the same rhythm that I had tapped to him. I talked to him that night and told him how ready I was to meet him and asked him how long it would be until he made his appearance.

Clearly he listens well! Lucas decided he’d made us wait long enough and started prepping for his escape at about 2:50am. I had gotten up to pee for probably the tenth time that night (who really knows), and lost my mucus plug. A few minutes later I felt my first contraction. It was ever so mild and not at all painful, but started in a regular pattern. I sat in the bathroom googling labor sensations and reading mommy blogs. I tried walking around, laying down again, changing positions. The sensations kept coming, but closer together.

I felt like a kid on Christmas morning….I wanted to run and jump on the bed and yell “this is it! the time has come! i’m in labor!” I did not do that. No need to cause an earthquake in the middle of the night. I also hated to wake Austin if it wasn’t the real thing. I tried to sleep, but ended up timing early contractions as they kept coming.

At about 4:00, I gently woke Austin and he was out of bed and dressed in probably less than 30 seconds! No exaggeration. I told him I didn’t want to rush to the hospital if it wasn’t the real thing. His frantic response: “I don’t want to wait and end up delivering our son myself! We need to hurry, where’s your bag?”. Ah I do love him so. He helped me time the contractions and when they were about 4 minutes apart, he rushed out the door.

He had the car packed and Ali fed/taken out potty and was waiting for me at the door. When I didn’t appear, he came and found me in the in the shower. Completely shocked at my lack of urgency, he tried to hurry me along. I insisted on shaving my legs, straightening my hair, and eating some yogurt – I told him we had plenty of time. Meanwhile, he was starting to break out in a nervous sweat. Poor guy. He kept timing the contractions and they were probably about 2 minutes apart by the time we actually walked out the door around 5ish.  He was so afraid he was going to have to deliver Lucas himself.

We called my parents on our way to let them know that this might be it, but we weren’t sure. We hit every stop light on the way to the hospital and I had to convince him not to run through half of them. I laughed and talked the whole way about how I couldn’t believe this was finally it. I said I was already mad because I knew they weren’t going to let me have food at the hospital and insisted that I would never wear one of their weird gowns (I did end up wearing their weird gowns ha. But I did get to use my own pillow!).

By the time we were given a hospital room, the contractions were definitely becoming stronger and more uncomfortable. The on call doctor talked about sending me home if they didn’t feel I was dilated enough. They might have been unsure, but by this point I knew we were having a baby today. There was NO way I was leaving that hospital unless they physically removed me! I was determined to get things moving along so Austin rubbed some Clary Sage oil on the vita flex points of my feet. Despite my yogurt snack, I was starving so I gave the nurse my most pitiful face and asked if I could order some food. She didn’t buy my act and told me I could have a popsicle or ice. I accepted the popsicle and told her I really wanted to walk around. Austin paced the hallway with me as I ate my tiny popsicle and tried to imagine it was a cheeseburger.

My water broke at about 11am and at this point, I was 7cm dilated and definitely experiencing PAIN. I had so badly wanted to have a natural delivery but was quickly starting to change my mind. I usually have a pretty high tolerance for pain, but this was intense – I would have been willing to go track down the anesthesiologist myself. I was a bit disappointed in myself, but my nurses and my doctor were all so sweet about it. They really encouraged me and my doctor said “pain does not enhance this experience! If you want an epidural, then you will get one!” I love her. She was my third doctor throughout this pregnancy and I am so glad to have randomly found her. She is humorous and it felt good to laugh in between waves of pain. She joked that when her son was born, she would have married her anesthesiologist if she wasn’t already married. After my experience, I can totally see why! My anesthesiologist was so kind and comforting, as was my delivery nurse. She was probably the sweetest nurse I’ve ever had and I would totally love to be friends with her. They also knew each other personally and their playful banter made the whole experience more enjoyable. I didn’t even feel anything when he put my epidural in, but I sure did feel good after! If you know me at all, you know that I am a huge advocate for natural remedies etc. I still 100% am for all of that, but I think the epidural is quite possibly one of the best inventions ever ha! I also put some lavender oil and Gentle Baby (a blend of several essential oils) in my diffuser to help me relax and feel at home.

My sweet parents showed up soon after that and visited with us while we waited. It was comforting having them both there and just so special to share that time with them. I was a bit jealous when they all got to eat real food and I was offered ice chips!

I felt so great after the epidural and so tired from being up all night, that I took a little catnap. They woke me up at one point to flush in some extra fluids because Luke’s heart rate kept dipping slightly with the peak of the contractions. My nurse told me that they thought the cord might be pressing against him somehow and causing a bit of stress. I’m so very grateful they were monitoring everything so closely and staying ahead of the game.

In the middle of my little nap, my doctor came in to check my progress and woke me up saying “well its time to have a baby!” Umm….can I have some coffee in this IV first??? I was so out of it at this point and almost felt like I was just observing. My nurse explained the pushing techniques but it took me a couple tries before I had the hang of it. Austin was such a wonderful support and coach the whole time. He didn’t leave my side and I will never forget seeing him burst into tears the minute our son arrived.

He arrived at 2:02pm after only a total of 11 hours in labor and about 30-45 minutes of pushing.

I was still so groggy and focused on our boy that I didn’t even notice when they had called in another doctor. Austin asked them if everything was okay and they told him they were having trouble stopping the bleeding. They said 500ml is considered hemorrhaging and I lost 600.

Lucas didn’t cry and another nurse came in to vigorously arouse him. Everyone was working so quickly yet so calm that I wasn’t sure if something was wrong or not. I had really bad shaking afterwards but our sweet boy was just perfect. I don’t remember him really ever crying and even today, that’s how he is. He’s just a very content baby and happy most of the time.

I wish I had more words for the moment we met him for the first time, but it was a feeling I am not sure I can describe. I don’t think there is really any other experience that can compare or even come close to holding your child for the first time. Its just so magical. I stared at our boy and it was like I already knew him. THIS was the child we prayed for. He was worth every day we waited and more. God chose us to be his parents and I will spend every day thanking Him for choosing us. I look forward to all the days ahead that I get to honor God by raising Lucas in the way he should go.

Motherhood is not without its challenges obviously, but it is the very best job I’ve ever had and seeing Austin jump into fatherhood has been incredible. He acts out this intense love for both of us daily that is so humbling. No matter how tired I am, I wake up every day with this intense gratitude at how God is weaving our marriage and family into this beautiful tapestry.

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