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At Home with Maddi Plummer

At Home with Maddi Plummer – My Dirty Laundry

I know they say not to air your dirty laundry in public, but I’m going to anyway ha!

Yesterday was laundry day and I figured you all were probably dying to know how I do laundry. Yeah right. If you are interested in working towards a toxin-free home then maybe you are.

About a year ago, I began my journey to ridding our home of toxins. I was having some weird health symptoms. Hormone imbalance being probably the biggest thing.  Through some of my essential oil groups on Facebook, as well as my own research and the help of other bloggers, I have learned more about all the hidden toxins in our home. Not only that they are in our home, but how these products can disrupt hormone balance and are linked to many other health issues. Its really scary how dangerous these chemicals are, yet we blindly put them on our bodies daily. Fragrance alone is one of the WORST culprits and it is in EVERYTHING. Even your laundry.


Laundry detergent was one of the products I swapped out first mainly because of the timing. It just so happened that I was running low on detergent. Since I love DIY, I tried making my own. However, I can’t say that I had a great experience doing that in this instance. Sometimes the clothes seemed clean and other times not. A few weeks in, I was folding and putting away “CLEAN” clothes and noticed a very terrible smell. Seriously, gross!

Obviously, I had to figure something out or people were going to think we were really going hippie.

I needed something both reliable and cost effective. I looked into the price for Young Living’s Thieves detergent and was scared away by price because it didn’t seem like it would last very long. (however, I may go back and look into it again to see if I missed something as I do love their products) There just isn’t a money tree in our yard and we need to be frugal as we save for our future business. Going organic while maintaining frugality can definitely be challenging.

I used my Think Dirty app and found an organic detergent with good reviews. Of course it also came with a good score on Think Dirty as far as toxins go. I took the plunge with Buckaroo Organics – and seriously, how cute is the name?!


I have been using this soap for probably close to a year now and honestly, it works great! Not to mention, I know that I am supporting a family when I purchase this product. This container says it will do 200 loads of laundry – they also have smaller samples if you want to start with that. With shipping, it only cost me $50. I didn’t count the loads, but I lasted me 5 months before needing to purchase again. I usually use a scoop and a half to two scoops per large load. For a smaller load, I only do half a scoop.

No more stinky clothes for us! And….no more TOXINS!

I was bummed when I realized how bad dryer sheets are too and those good-smelling washer beads. Ah! So sad. Until I discovered wool dryer balls for the dryer! Annnnnd you guessed it, essential oils! I got my dryer balls from Amazon and you can find them HERE.

When you consider that dryer balls cost $10 one time and you purchase dryer sheets and smelly beads (or whatever you use) over and over…’re actually SAVING money. Frugal wife for the win! Those purchases add up – dryer sheets and washer beads are not cheap. I can use my wool dryer balls over and over. Since they also cut down on drying time, I’m also saving money on my electric bill. Hubby checked our latest electric bill statement today and it has gone down almost 10% in the last year! Maybe that’s not all due to dryer balls, but I’m sure it is helping.

For a nice fresh scent, I like to put a few drops of lavender essential oil on each dryer ball. Depending on the size of the load, I use 2-6 dryer balls in one load. You don’t need to even really apply the essential oils every time because the smell does last.

Do your towels ever get that stinky mildew smell? Probably because if you’re like me……you run a load and then totally forget until the next day? Oops! I never do this with regular clothes, but for some reason I frequently forget the towels. Ugh! Well, I am about to save. your. day. I put tea tree essential oil in my washer with the soap when I run a load of towels – and try NOT to leave them till next day of course. Ha! And, voila’ no more stink!

Now you may be wondering about stains – honestly the soap alone does really well with most of the stains we have. I did have to get some blood out of a pair of pants today though and wasn’t sure if that would have come out without pre-laundry help. In this instance I actually used my Thieves dish soap on the stain and rubbed vigorously before tossing in the wash. Pants came out STAIN FREE! If you don’t use Young Living products or just don’t have their Thieves dish soap, then you could probably try making a paste with the Soapberry Suds (or whatever natural soap you might use) and apply it to the stain.

Happy laundry day! I hope you found this helpful! I’m off to fold my clean, toxin-free laundry!



Ditch those dryer sheets for WOOL DRYER BALLS.


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  • chaoticserenityhomestead
    October 1, 2017 at 11:41 pm

    Hydrogen peroxide also gets out blood stains really well! I forgot loads in the laundry all the time!! I will need to use my tea tree oil!

    • chaoticserenityhomestead
      October 1, 2017 at 11:42 pm


    • madelynchristina
      October 7, 2017 at 2:57 pm

      Oh that’s right…..totally forgot about hydrogen peroxide! Thanks for reminding me! I’m glad I’m not the only one who forgets wet laundry haha tea tree does the trick! Do you have natural remedies for any other stains?